Film Crew

Austrian filmmakers have gained international experience in major Hollywood productions such as JAMES BOND – SPECTRE or MISSION IMPOSSIBLE – ROGUE NATION recently. They have repeatedly demonstrated their creativity, know-how and reliability. In Austria there are enough qualified filmmakers in order to fill major film productions with local crew members. Austrian filmmakers in different fields have won numerous international awards. All these successes show the high educational standards in the Austrian film and television sector. The Film Academy Vienna was ranked as one of the 15 best film schools outside of the USA in 2015 by the industry magazine “The Hollywood Reporter”.

If you are looking for local crew members for your film production, please contact us!

Crew Members

Associations of Austrian filmmakers

The Austrian Filmmakers Association (Dachverband der österreichischen Filmschaffenden)


Association of Austrian Film Producers - AAFP (Verband österreichischer Filmproduzentinnen und -produzenten)

Film Austria – Association of Creative Film Producers (Film Austria – Vereinigung kreativer Filmproduzenten)

Vereinigung österreichischer AufnahmeleiterInnen, ProduktionsleiterInnen und ProduktionskoordinatorInnen (VÖAP)



Association of Austrian Film Producers (Verband Filmregie Österreich

Austrian Directors Association – ADA for films and television (Österreichischer Regieverband)


Austrian Actors Association (Verband österreichischer FilmschauspielerInnen -VÖFS)



Austrian Association of Cinematographers  - AAC (Verband österreichischer Kameraleute)


Film sets

Austrian Film Designers Asssociation (Verband österreichischer FilmausstatterInnen -VÖF)



Association of Austrian Make-up Artists (Vereinigung der FilmmaskenbildnerInnen Österreich)


Film editing

Association Editors Association AEA (Österreichischer Verband Filmschnitt)



Austrian Sound Designers Association (Verband Österreichischer SounddesignerInnen - VOESD)



Austrian Composers‘ Society (Österreichischer Komponistenbund): Film and media music



Austrian Screenwriters‘ Association (Drehbuchverband Austria)


Documentary films

Austrian Documentary Film Alliance (Interessensgemeinschaft österreichischer Dokumentarfilm -



Austrian Section of the International Animated Film Association (ASIFA Austria – Österreichische Animationsfilmvereinigung)

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