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Federal Film Funding

Under certain conditions, funding is also available to international film projects in the field of cinema and television; in most cases in the context of official co-productions or service productions. Location Austria may also act as an intermediary between international and Austrian production companies to establish contact to a domestic producer.  

Every year, the Austrian Film Institute’s publication Filmförderung und Filmfinanzierung in Österreich - Institutionen auf einen Blick (Film Promotion and Funding in Austria – Overview of Institutions) provides the latest overview of Austrian film funding institutions as well as European programs for Austria. Therefore, it includes not only institutions that continuously promote film on a national and regional level but also European funding measures for Austria. This annual publication is designed to supplement the annual Film Industry Report (German).

Aside from FISA – Film Industry Support Austria, Austria provides the following film funding institutions on a national and regional level:

Austrian Film Institute

The Austrian Film Institute (ÖFI) is Austria’s largest promotion institution. It is a national film funding agency that supports the Austrian film business based on both cultural and economic aspects. Film funding aims at promoting Austrian cinema films as well as co-productions on equal terms (feature films and documentaries; minimum length 70 minutes, 59 minutes for children’s films, and 45 minutes for new talent films).     

Eligibility to file applications is based on sufficiently professional qualification, a registered office or subsidiary in Austria for companies, and Austrian citizenship or a permanent residence in Austria (in case of EU citizens) for individuals. 

Funding is available in the fields of

  • Script and project development

  • Production

  • Exploitation (festival participation and cinema release)

  • Distribution measures

  • Continuing professional training

Funding decisions are made by a project commission (project-based film funding) at least four times per year. Moreover, the Austrian Film Institute promotes the development and production of new films through performance-based film funding (reference film funding), if the reference film has achieved a certain minimum number of reference points.     

Film/Television Agreement

The Film/Television Agreement (German) is an agreement between the Austrian Film Institute and the Austrian Broadcasting Service (ORF) is designed to promote the cooperation between film and television, particularly in the context of Austrian cinema film productions. Prerequisites for funding include basic financing by the Austrian Film Institute or another film promotion institution in case of new talent and innovation projects. About 10% of annual resources are dedicated to new talent and innovation projects. Funding decisions are made by the “Joint Commission” consisting of six members, three of whom are appointed by the Film Institute and three by the ORF, at least four times per year.

Austrian Television Fund

The Austrian Television Fund (Fernsehfonds Austria) is administrated by RTR-GmbH (Austrian Regulatory Authority for Broadcasting and Telecommunications) which receives EUR 13.5 million from the fees collected in accordance with Art. 3 (1), Austrian Broadcasting Fees Act (RGG). Funding is available for the promotion and administration of television productions (including television films, series and documentaries).

Prerequisites for funding (overview):

Compliance with at least three criteria related to “cultural content”, such as:

  • Production set in Austria/EEA

  • Use of Austrian settings and shooting locations

  • Participation of filmmakers from Austria/EEA

  • Minimum length 45 minutes

  • Qualified independent film production company with a permanent establishment or subsidiary in Austria

  • One or more television broadcasters furnish at least 30% of the total production costs

  • Broadcasting companies may acquire the rights to television films and documentaries for a maximum of seven years, or ten years for series

  • Funding support is capped at 20%, in exceptional cases at 30%, of adequate production costs

  • Any given television series may be supported with up to EUR 200,000 per episode, TV films with a maximum of EUR 1.000,000 per film, and TV documentaries with a maximum of EUR 200,000

  • Expenditures in Austria should amount to at least 1.5 times the awarded support and may not fall below that

  • Special consideration is given to projects with high production expenses in Austria and a high international budget contribution

Funding support is awarded in form of a non-repayable grant. Applications are accepted four times per year. Funding decisions are made by the respective managing director for media of RTR-GmbH under consideration of the RTR funding objectives and reports from the review committee.

Austrian Federal Chancellery: Divison II/3 - Film

The Art Section of the Austrian Federal Chancellery supports innovative projects in the fields of feature films, documentaries, animations, and experimental films as well as young filmmakers and new talent.

Funding is available not only for script writing, project development, production, and distribution but also for scholarships, repertory cinema, festival participation etc.

Eligibility to file applications is based on Austrian citizenship or permanent residence in Austria (for at least three years). Applications are usually accepted three times per year (sometimes at different dates for the various fields of promotion). Funding is awarded according to the recommendations of an advisory board. 

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