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Regional Film Funding

Applications are generally accepted all year long.  

Federal provinces (in alphabetical order):


Provincial Government of Burgenland (German)

Film projects by institutions and individuals are promoted based on a small production grant. Moreover, the provincial government awards scholarships for “artistic training”. The key factors of eligibility are the project’s regional connection and artistic quality as well as recommendation by the relevant cultural advisory board.


Carinthia Film Commission (German)

The Carinthia Film Commission was established to provide film funding on behalf of the federal province of Carinthia, and is available to filmmakers as an advisory organization for filming in Carinthia. Funding is available for project development, production and exploitation. Selected projects with a cultural connection to Carinthia that meet the funding guidelines receive an adequate production cost subsidy.

Federal Province of Carinthia (German)

Funding is primarily available for smaller film projects of high artistic level as well as new talent projects with a cultural connection to Carinthia.

Lower Austria

Federal Province of Lower Austria (German)

Lower Austria promotes film productions in the fields of cinema, television, new talents, and art that are either content-wise or personally connected to Lower Austria or produced in Lower Austria. Aside from cultural aspects, eligibility is also based on the project’s touristic value. Moreover, the following reference rates apply for cinema and TV productions in terms of their effect on Lower Austria related to the awarded support: 100% for documentaries, 150% for feature films, and at least 200% for TV series. The reference value for funding is about 4 - 10% of total production costs.

Lower Austrian Film Commission

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Federal Province of Salzburg (German)

The free film funding program of the federal province of Salzburg is primarily designed to promote cinematic art. Funding is available for feature films, animations, experimental films, and documentaries.  

Filmlocation Salzburg

The regional film commission of the federal province of Salzburg promotes commercial film productions in the field of cinema and television. The overall and film-related effect for Salzburg is a crucial guideline for assessing the eligibility of a project. Expenditures in Salzburg must amount to at least 200% of the awarded support (“Salzburg effect”), while at least 100% must be spent on goods and services of the Salzburg film industry (“Salzburg film industry effect”). Another key aspect of funding is the clear international exploitability of filed projects. Filmlocation Salzburg prefers promotion applicants with a permanent residence or establishment in the federal province. Funding is available for cinema films and TV productions.  

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Cine Styria Film Commission & Fund

Funding is available for cinema and television productions related to Styria. The projects need to be at least partially realized in Styria and have both touristic and economic value for the federal province. Expenditures in Styria must amount to at least 1.5 times the awarded support. Another key aspect of funding is the international exploitability of filed projects.

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Cine Art (German)

Cine Art is the Styrian film promotion program for artistic cinema and TV productions. It pays special attention to aspects of esthetic film and the critical examination of audiovisual media.

Film Commission Graz (German)

The Film Commission is the central service, contact and support point for filmmakers in Graz. Both cinema and television projects are supported. In addition to financial support, they offer a comprehensive range of services to producers that are realizing their project in Graz.


Federal Province of Tyrol (German)

The federal province offers annual subsidies for institutions as well as project grants and stipends in the field of “film, video and media art”. Amongst other aspects, eligibility is based on the project’s connection to Tyrol (content-wise, institutionally, or personally/biographically).  

Cine Tirol Film Commission 

Selected cinema and television productions are offered a Cine Tirol Production Incentive in form of a non-repayable production grant. Moreover, Cine Tirol Location Service provides extensive information and assistance to filmmakers. Eligibility is based on the project’s Tyrol-related content as well as its economic effect on Tyrol (local production expenditures). Further assessment criteria by Cine Tirol are the artistic quality of the film project and its international exploitability. Only both creatively and economically experienced producers are qualified to apply.

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Upper Austria

Federal Province of Upper Austria (German)

Funding is available to project development, production and exploitation of film projects with an artistic focus and a regional connection in the fields of experimental film, documentaries and feature films. Awarded funding may amount to a maximum of 10% of total eligible costs. Taking into account artistic, touristic and economic aspects, qualified filmmakers receive support in form of funds and services to realize their film projects.     


Vienna Film Fund

The Vienna Film Fund is Austria’s the largest regional promotion institution with an annual funding value of EUR 11 million financed by the City of Vienna. This is how the Vienna Film Fund promotes not only the quality and diversity of Austrian film but also Vienna’s cinema industry. Funding is available to feature films (of at least 70 minutes) as well as children’s films and documentaries (of at least 59 minutes) for cinema and television. The project’s cultural, artistic and economic value is a key aspect of eligibility and measured based on the Vienna film industry effect: at least 100% of awarded funding must benefit Viennese filmmakers, Vienna’s film infrastructure, or Vienna as a film location.          

Funding is available in the fields of

  • Project development

  • Production

  • Cinema release

  • Other exploitation measures

  • Structural measures

  • Cinema promotion

Funding decisions are made by a jury and/or the Vienna Film Fund’s managing director. Applications are accepted four times per year.

Vienna Film Commission

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City of Vienna (German)

The Culture Department (MA 7) of the City of Vienna promotes film projects (e.g. production, festival, institution) related to Vienna.


Federal Province of Vorarlberg (German)

Funding is available for artistic film projects (including film festivals and smaller cinemas) as well as film projects of regional-economic and touristic-cultural value. This additional, earmarked promotion fund of EUR 250,000 was established in 2014 to promote films addressing Vorarlberg as a place of culture, economy or tourism. Eligibility is based on the project’s quality, connection to Vorarlberg, exploitability, and range. Awarded funding may amount to a maximum of 20% of total eligible costs without exceeding EUR 150,000 per production. Both Austrian and international productions (EEA region) may apply.

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